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Benefits: growth, strengthening, hydration, nutrition, softness, shine, controls hair loss, dandruff and frizz.

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Coco Lover Skin Care

Cleaning, hydration, moisturizing, nutrition & exfoliation

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Hey! I'm Alexandra Judith, the owner of Coco Lover. I started the project of my dreams in February 2019. Coco Lover has a variety of hair and skin care products. My main objective is to help women take care of their beauty with totally natural products made by Puerto Rican hands.

About Us

Established in 2019, Coco Lover is a 100% Puerto Rican local brand dedicated to creating skin and hair care products. All of our products are artisan and natural.

Our purpose has always been to help you take care of your skin and hair with natural products by taking advantage of the multiple benefits that they provide. Besides having a great number of benefits and smelling delicious, our products are prepared with a lot of love and dedication, so you'll be giving the best to your skin and hair.